Voluntary Nakedness

Undressing in front of someone is an act that can represent a thousand things.

It is generally a liberating act, whether ordinary or extraordinary.

There are endless ways to get naked. From the most obvious way to get rid of all clothes, to openly “undressing” of fears and ideas in front of someone. The phrase “I feel naked” represents the vulnerability that we can experience in any circumstance, dressed or not. An attractive vulnerability for some and condemned by others.

This is tested in “Voluntary Nudity,” a photographic essay when the act of undressing and modeling for someone is performed in a deeper way.

Models or volunteers get naked behind a screen that separates them  from the photographer, while a back light projects the model silhouette on the screen. No naked body is seen or photographed, but the model does get naked for the artist, in an act of confidence. Confidence in the art, in the idea, in the sensitivity and talent of the artist. The model also gives the artist confidence, completing a cycle of trust and comfort.

The artist photographs the shadow, the silhouette of the model, the “nakedness” the model gives away.

This is an ongoing project which will culminate in a masterful exhibition in 2021.