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PHOTO GALLERY | Las Vegas Golden Knights

Las Vegas Golden Knights game vs LA Kings at the T-Mobile Arena on February 27th.

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Why the MLS Should Start Signing Young Mexican Soccer Players | Sports Networker

By now it’s pretty clear; the Latino market does make a difference for several industries in the USA. Every year different studies and reports show the increase, Latinos have the means to consume now. These are not just Latin-American immigrants any more, we’re talking about their children and grand children; third or even fourth generations.  What started one day as an aspiration habit in the newcomers trying to blend in their new home, it’s now their children’s habit; just as it is for the Americans. They are hungry for sports.

In the sports industry, there’s a union I think it must happen as soon as possible, between the MLS and young Mexican soccer players.

MLS and Latin America

The Major League Soccer (MLS) has struggled for decades searching popularity and the revenues their counterparts in other markets get (Mexico, Argentina, England, France, Spain, Germany, etc.), and also what other sports’ industries accomplish (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, etc.). It hasn’t been easy. They’ve come along way sure, but not enough. Is it really that Americans doesn’t care for soccer? Maybe, but my point is it doesn’t matter, why? Because you have a brand new audience that it does.

They have a whole socioeconomic sector avid of soccer fans; in fact they are already consuming it, mostly from Mexico. But what if they start bringing young players directly from Mexico (and South-America) offering them spots on a team in the US, and a training and athletic level they’ll never get in any professional Mexican team. The MLS can tap into a new audience and become relevant in Mexico with the arrival of fellow countrymen. Continue reading

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