Francis Ngannou honors traditions in Detroit

Francis Ngannou may have a young career, but the legacy he carries with him is old and one of high rank. In France, where he began in MMA, contact sports found a comfortable home and are now tradition. Ngannou, who comes from defeating the former UFC champion Andrei Arlovski last January by TKO in theContinue reading “Francis Ngannou honors traditions in Detroit”

My first racist attack occurred at a Vegas Victims Relief Fundraiser

Four days after the tragic event that took the lives of 58 people in Las Vegas a month ago, I went with some friends to one of my favorite local bars. As many businesses did in the aftermath of the shooting, this bar hosted a Vegas Victims Relief Fundraiser with several local musicians performing. AllContinue reading “My first racist attack occurred at a Vegas Victims Relief Fundraiser”