About Me


“You have to write about Tolstoy but not on War and Peace” in a letter said Victor Shklovsky, Russian writer of the Constructivist movement, a crack, and responsible of DEAUTOMATIZATION term, which broadly and as exemplified by this sentence means break with the automatic collection, presenting things as never before.

Desautomatas is a simple concept, a perspective to live the day to day deautomated.

Stop to give it a second (or first?) thought, reflect, internalize, see through the eyes of the other.

This is the way I approach my work, professional and artistic, always looking to do it in an original and honest way.

Every moment is an opportunity to reinvent the world and how we live it, how we express it.

All posts in this blog are written by Juan Cardenas, except where noted.

Let’s look at things differently.

Think instead of consuming.

Listen instead of buying.