PHOTOS – Detroit’s Heidelberg Project

The Heidelberg Project - by @desautomatas

The Heidelberg Project. Detroit 12/3/17 By Juan Cardenas @desautomatas

In 1986, artist Tyree Guyton returned to Heidelberg, the street where he grew up on Detroit’s East Side, and found it in shambles, riddled with drugs and deepening poverty. Bruised by the loss of three brothers to the streets, Guyton was encouraged by his grandfather to pick up a paintbrush instead of a weapon and look for a solution.

Te result was The Heidelberg Project. Today, a must stop outdoor art installation not far from downtown Detroit, that has survived demolitions and fires through the years; always evolving. They even announced early this year “the renovated Numbers House, at 3632 Heidelberg, will feature an artist-in-residence program, a new studio and gallery for emerging artists, and an education and event space for neighborhood events and youth programming.”

Their Mission:

The Heidelberg Project (“HP”) is an outdoor art environment in the heart of an urban area and a Detroit based community organization with a mission to improve the lives of people and neighborhoods through art.

Their Vision:

The theory of change for the Heidelberg Project begins with the belief that all citizens, from all cultures, have the right to grow and flourish in their communities. The HP believes that a community can redevelop and sustain itself, from the inside out, by embracing its diverse cultures and artistic attributes as the essential building blocks for a fulfilling and economically viable way of life.

Visit The Heidelberg Project.


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  1. What a great thing to do.

    Thanks for sharing.


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