PHOTO GALLERY – International Car Forest of the Last Church

Just outside what was once one of the wealthiest boomtowns in Nevada is another one of the state’s incredible outdoor art installations worth traipsing through. Originally created by longtime Goldfield resident Mark Rippie, the curious exhibit was originally conceptualized an open space, where artists could let their creativity amuck on cars instead of canvases, implementing whatever medium they desired.

Soon after Rippie began to implement his vision, Reno resident Chad Sorg was so inspired by this fascinating space that he uprooted his life, relocated to Goldfield, and currently lives near the property continually creating art.

The International Car Forest of the Last Church, which has no artists statement or informational bulletin, is a combination of two ideas: a national forest that people could openly visit, and a nod to Rippie’s website called the Last Church—which details religious theories that want nothing to do with organized religion.*

Chek out the Goldfield and Tonopah photogallery too.

All photos by @desautomatas

*Extract from Read full article here.




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