Idem printing studio, Paris

Idem Entrance

Idem Entrance

Located at 49, rue du Monparnasse in Paris, Idem studio was originally built by the printer Emile Dufrenoy in 1880, as a space to install his lithographic presses. After more than 100 years, Idem is still a fine-art printing studio where artists like Picasso, Matisse, Miró or Giacometti have done some work.

Fernand Mourlot (1895-1988) and his brothers were responsively for the renaissance of art lithography in Paris between the two World Wars. They worked successively with some of the mentioned artists and others like Dubuffet, Braque, Chagall, Léger, Cocteau, Calder, and many other masters of 20th century painting.

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Contemporary artists that have worked here include Moebius, JR, l’Atlas, Nicolás Vial, Iichiro Tsukamoto, Ting Shao Kuang, Tong Zheng Gang, Miquel Barcelo, and hundreds more. David Lynch also worked here and made a short documentary about it. “I got the opportunity to work there. And this was like a dream! It just opened up this brand-new world of the lithography and the magic of lithography, the magic of the stones.”

French artist JR also did a video about the process of lithography he did there.

Idem from SOCIAL ANIMALS on Vimeo.

Although is not open to the public, Idem could be a great space to stop by, knock the door and with a bit of luck, stand where so many talented artists have done legendary pieces.


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