Rise Festival: From Light to Darkness

We were at the Rise Lanterns Festival this past Saturday night, outside Jean, Nevada; a show that consisted in the “launching” of thousands of Cambodian lanterns in the middle of the desert.

The lantern experience was beautiful, unmatched, really touching and magic. Truly something that I would like to experience again and even more, I would love to share it with family and friends; I would happily ask them to come and see it for themselves. It was remarkable.
None of these videos makes justice to the actual moment when the first lanterns were released. One of the best spectacles we’ve seen.

Apart from that and at least in our experience all the services, venue, organization, and amenities were ok; nothing spectacular but in general everything was ok.
Until it came the time to leave; that’s when everything blew off. I was impossible to take one of the shuttles to go back to Jeane, where most of the people had their cars. We never knew what happened but it was chaos, people waiting around the buses, by the road, trying to get in any of the shuttles, some succeeding, some other don’t. It took us 1 hour and a half to finally jump into one bus, it was around 11pm; and cannot say for sure a number, but hundreds were still there; some were walking their way back, it was a little cold and dark.
Even some workers from the festival were there with us, complaining because they had no way to leave after being working all day. Chaos, totally chaos.

In our case one thing doesn’t have that much weight over the other, meaning the bad experience won’t kill our intentions to live the experience again; we expect a professional reaction and compensation from them and hopefully they will improve everything to repeat it next year; but I do understand those angry or heartbroken, especially for those with children.

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They posted this in their Facebook account after the incident with the buses. As many did, I sent an email to info@risefestival.com and for now I’m waiting for the response.


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