The Batman Chronicles Webseries


Fan art has been for already years an honest form of expression. I even think that some examples have become the  hardcore. Titles like Batman, Star Trek, or Star Wars, have had comics, videos, graphics, etc., since forever. There is even a classic (and awesome) fan made Spiderman shortfilm from 1969. And in the 2003, Batman: Dead End, an awesome fan film made a lot of noise after being premiered at the San Diego Comic Con and put fan films and fan art on the map, it has been lovely crazy ever since.

A new Batman fan made project is on the work, The Batman Chronicles, a web series with what it looks to be one the best Jokers ever. Here’s the trailer.

This from the team behind the project: “Our Bruce Wayne is young, and doesn’t have all the answers to his past. He is still struggling with the inner guilt that stems from the night his parents were murdered. His choice to become ‘The Batman’ was to be his atonement. Our series begins with Batman not far along in his crime-fighting career. He’s not perfect, he’s naive, and he has a lot learn.”

Their bat-logo

Their bat-logo

“Now, a new crime syndicate has taken over the streets of Gotham: The Red Hood Gang. Batman must figure out who the leader of this gang is, and take them down. But he can’t do it alone. He will need the help of Commissioner James Gordon and other allies. When he comes to face the leader of the Red Hood Gang, it marks the start of a never ending tango…. (HA HA HA HA). He will have to go to the farthest reaches of his skill to take down this criminal mastermind and save what is left of the city’s heart.”

The Batman

The Batman

Check their IndiGoGo webpage project to read more about it, and support it.


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