After School Special | COMIC | REVIEW

How do you remember your life? For sure not in the same way other, who shared moments with you remember it. Sometimes there are small differences, sometimes it’s big! Doesn’t matter, not for the rest of us at least; what matters are certain instants, where significant things happened to you.

After School Special - cover

After School Special – cover

Those moments define you. Make you the person you are right now, for better or for worst. That’s the kind of story Dave Kiersh tells in his comic book After School Special. A true love story, such a beautiful one, with honest and crude moments; real dialogues, and painful vignettes and memories.


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This graphic novel has a ruff edition, doesn’t make it easy for you to get along with the book and the characters. But it’s not a bad editing work, no; it’s just the way the story is, the way the memories come, the way your mind orders it inside your head. It’s just not always easy.


Click to see more vignettes

In 2010, comics seemed a hopeless medium to me.”: wrote Kiersh in his blog about his feelings before After School, thankfully for us, his opportunity came, and he took it right. He delivers an excellent book. Only two characters are enough for him to show us what love can be in our youth, so passionate, so lost.

His book debuted via Kickstarter, and right now you can buy it at his web site or in Etsy.

Dave Kiersh art is lovely. Read two stories from his book Dirtbags, Mallchicks and Motorbikes on line, or some other beauties in his site.


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