Life in the Analog Age. A time before

If you mention The Jetsons, Dexter’s Laboratory, ¡Mucha Lucha!, Kung Fu Panda, Ren & Stimpy, or El Tigre: The Adventures of Many Rivera to any person, they will know almost for sure at least about one of them. You for example, you’ve seen one of these, right? Hell, you’ll probably talk wonderful about one or all of these cartoons.

But if I ask you about Life in the Analog Age, what can you tell me?

And if I ask you which one has little of Gabe Swarr in it? Will you be wise enough to say all of the above? That’s the correct answer. Swarr is an awarded writer, artist, director, etc. in all those modern series and more. That’s his work and for sure hs passion because he’s so good that one can only assume he must feel it. But the analog age is his gift for us to enjoy.

Whenever a true artist fully opens to express himself, are the rest of us who wins. This is one example. And so, about Life in the Analog Age, the best news about it, even if you have read the book or watched the videos is, you might know what is about, if not, you will remember; because it’s about life… yes, that exactly thought you just have when you read the word. Life.

“No superhero, no zombies. Here I Am with my people” he told me at the last Alternative Press Expo. And if you’re familiar with the APE and the kind of independent art you can find there, you can start making yourself an idea of what he is into: honest regular life. Every story of his is so natural, that you feel like in one of his dreams or memories. He accomplishes that and more. Oh yeah, almost forgot, his art is magnificent. So human and tender, his version of himself so expressive; but perhaps the tones he uses are the most special characteristic in his analog work, bi or tri tonal, he gives you the exact mood for each remembrance, and he know how to use the camera, the angles, the zoom and movements. A complete job, a complete artist.

His stories, animated or printed, are like the geeky way of meditate.

Hear about the book by Swarr himself. Then go to his store.


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