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Cuba. My Revolution by Iverna Lockpez and Dean Haspiel

Any country that has experienced a revolution, and/or a dictatorial regime has plenty of stories to count. All kind of stories, some old, some new… sometimes just the names are different. This one’s like that, a graphic documentary about the Revolution in Cuba and the Castro administration immediately to their victory.

The young woman protagonist is an artist, doctor soldier and also prisoner, all for the same reason; she  will cry for his country, because she loves Cuba, their people, and even the revolution, but she soon finds out is too naive to see the whole picture. And as we know, there’s no war without victims, without pain, and without reality slapping you in the face; and Cuban revolution quickly showed true Cuban believers what and how it was going to work.

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The book also shows her different lives, her love story, her professional story, the passionate one, the patriotic and revolutionary moment, and finally her survival story. You won’t know what to think, and you will probably be right about that, because Cuban revolution and regime is not an easy subject; not even for those who lived it. It has too many faces, and definitely one shouldn’t judge it so easy.

The art is much appropriated, because it doesn’t takes you away from the story, on the contrary, it reminds you the correct feelings in the right moments during the narration. It’s discrete when it has to, and expressive when the characters demand it. Which is not easy with the radical changes on the story; some of them you may find ridiculous, but they weren’t, it was just a very young revolution with no time to mature. Not a surprise from someone like Dean Haspiel.

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Founded in honest and powerful values, the quest to glory in Cuba had everything you can possible want from a social movement: true icons, people’s support, international recognition, a good enemy (I mean good as in one that can be easily targeted, demonized, heated), martyrs, and a dramatic victory.

It’s not easy to attack that, how can you do it? But most important, why would you do it? This book answers that, because you don’t, you just tell the story, let the people and their stories speak for themselves. You let the country and their decisions to live on it, and be responsible for it; you’ll see that on this novel. The book is a witness raw tale without omnipresent entity, maybe as the Cuban revolution was.

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