Violent Imme van der Haak Jewellery

Jewllery serie of ehe extremely talented artist Imme van der Haak, born and raised in Arnhem, the Netherlands, works in London where she did a master in Product Design at London’s reputable Royal College of Art. her style, defiant and beautiful challenge the common perception in every way, it can be uncomfortable but tasty.

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Material: Gold plated brass

In my work I try to discuss in a playful way the ideas, which seem obvious about what is “normal”.
In my photographs and films I transform the human body by using materials which lace up parts of the body, change the silhouette or influence in a different way the form of the body.
It is all about changing forms and transformations, although it is not my intention to shock, but to reveal the idea that every form has its own beauty. In this way I comment in an expressive way on the current ideas about beauty.


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