Batman The Dark Knight Returns Part 1 | Review

One of best comics ever, about one of best characters ever. There’s no much left to be said about the novel (and still, it will be said) but now we have something else to talk about.

The cover of DVD 1

Divided as the book in two parts, this one conquers the first obstacle, and a tuff one: the voices. Yes, you might think you have Batman voice all figured out, but how about the Mutant Leader, or Robin? But they did a good casting, not putting too much risk on it to be honest, but still they do it well.
The plot it’s pretty much the same, yes, I know you’re a hardcore fan, but this is a movie, not everything fits. So the second obstacle, the editing, comes acceptable.

A classic image from the comic, it’s practically identical in the movie.

The last one is the animation, for me the best achievement of the movie, because it was really hard to combine the original grotesque and strong art from Miller, into something more easy going for the 2010 decade, and of course without taking that essence from the (back then) renewed characters Miller gave us. Nicely done by the director Jay Oliva, who has a long road in animation, comics and movies, that he shows here

We just need to wait for the next and last episode. So yes, you must see it, we must, they know it yes, they have us yes, the best thing you can do is buy it from your local comic book store. Watch it.

*You can also watch it on Netflix.


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