Obama and President Cristina Kirchner hot scene video

The video Un mensaje más (One more message) by the rock band The Rockadictos, with the art of Ramiro Lopez shows the Argentinian president Cristina Kirchner in a very intimate scene in his presidential office (The Pink House), touching herself while a big riot happens outside and in front of president Obama, till she comes (or seems to).

Scene from the video

The animation is outstanding, really good. Awesome timing and rhythm. Simple technique and remarkable expressionism, fur sure the sketches are single pieces of art. The music, a complete well achieved song, has that rusty flavor of an non-produced nor signed band, but I said that as a compliment.

A video that evidently is generating noise all around, and for sure will do some more, but it must, because it’s a very simple but brave script, worth to go further.

The Rockadictos

Pueden descargar toda su música gratis en su sito web.


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