Superman’s best friend Animation

“After a long day working two jobs, Superman’s duties never seem to end when Krypto decides that this must be the place.”

This animation from Brett Underhill is one of most beautiful Superman stories ever, alongside with Letitia Lerner, Superman’s Babysitter by Kyle Baker and Liz Glass from Bizarro Comics.

Still from the animation

Krypto and Superman: Still from the animation

What else is to be seen from Superman? That any of us haven’t seen already in a way? Maybe this, the common stuff, the human side, the ridiculous and quotidian activities. And also, his truly sensitive side, his childish one. In a way, Superman is always a child, even in his most mature and grumpy state, he remains a homeless kid, so this makes so much sense.

Enjoy Superman’s best friend:

* As the author claims, this animation was for entertainment purposes only and no profit was made from the use of DC Comics and Warner Brothers’ copyrighted properties.


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