Twit Advices (some might find useful, some not)

These are some suggestions I made for a particular Twitter account, not another 10-things-you-should-be-doing-to-be-better-than-any-one-else-and-not-

  • If you always twit links. Try to twit some pics, just friendly words, or even better some questions (to generate conversation).
  • Don’t do longer phrases, we cannot see the whole message, and if I don’t care I’m not clicking, and certainly not RT. Use Twitter directly, Say what you want to say in those 140.
  • Create and use HashTags.
  • Don’t start with VIDEO, INTERVIEW, etc. It’s good to know what we are about to see, but leave that at the end.
  • RT your followers! Other accounts, comments or mentions. And use RT at first, not the Re Twit tool from Twitter (that way your followers will still see your account), unless you meant to promote the other account.
  • Make your followers get interested in the links you are putting, without telling them what it’s about. Be ingenious and use humor too.
  • Make lists. That is helpful for your followers. Related accounts, staff, other cities, etc. You can create any kind of list you want.
  • Develop a background for your profile.
  • Twit any other kind of videos or stories, not everything has to be about your site/brand. Make your account a funny one to follow.
  • Twit more, if I don’t look at my TL the moment you tweeted, I loose you for the day.

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