Las Vegas, the most stressed city in America

Red Rock, stressful place outside Las Vegas

Red Rock, “stressful” place outside Las Vegas

That’s right, a place made to loose yourself it’s now the one most needed of a recharge, according to an study from Beauty Rest, a company focused in develop sleep solutions.

The company studied millions of Twitter posts, Google searches and other social media behaviors of residents in major cities across the country to find the locations where people shared they were sleepless, stressed out, overworked, or otherwise less than fully charged. The analysis found the following 30 U.S. cities most in need of some rest and relaxation,and not just Las Vegas will shock you, also Miami (a place known by relaxation spas, retirements, beautiful beaches, etc.) is in second place.

In order by need:

1. Las Vegas
2. Miami
3. Austin
4. Atlanta
5. Durham
6. Houston
7. Chicago
8. Arlington, Texas
9. Pittsburgh
10. Columbus, Ohio
11. San Diego
12. Nashville
13. Charlotte
14. Lynwood, Calif.
15. Philadelphia
16. Los Angeles
17. Boston
18. Indianapolis
19. Milwaukee
20. Dallas
21. San Jose
22. New York
23. Raleigh
24. Portland, Ore.
25. Seattle
26. San Francisco
27. Denver
28. Minneapolis
29. Phoenix
30. San Antonio


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