Kája Saudek Comics Museum in Prague

If you talk about European comics with cowboys, aliens, machine guns, gangsters, musculus men, fashion cars and a lot of big-breasted women, you have to be talking about Kája Saude, one of the most important illustrators/exponents of the Czech comics.

Now, the already beautiful and must-visit city of Prague has opened a museum to honor his art. The Kája Saudek Comics Museum is just another reason to visit one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

It is said that communist censorship and post-1989 commercialization prevented him from proper and fair recognition. But this will soon change his daughter thinks. The idea to open museum came several years ago, “During reconstruction of Batalion his owner Arnošt Kuchař challenged me to art cooperation. I created all interior in the comics style of my father’s paintings,“ explains artist’s daughter Berenika Saudek. “At that time more then three years ago we began to think about museum.“

Kaja & Berenika

Kaja & Berenika

Museum is not unique only in Czech Republic. “It’s not usual that there is a museum which is dedicated to comics at all and only one artist,“ Berenika says with certainty. “Especially in post-communistic countries there are not much remarkably characters like Kája Saudek, who means so much not just for Czech comics.“ He connected imagination of comics American style with communist regime which he lived in till 1989. His work of art is original and recognizing around the world. “We wanted people to know in what kind of surrounding Kája Saudek lived and what has influence to his creation,“ Berenika says.

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About Kája Saudek (May 13, 1935).- Is for his unchangeable style called as the king of Czech comics. He got famous  especially for paintings from the movie Who Wants to Kill Jessie? The biggest project should be eleven paints comics Muriel and Angels but only two paints were finished. Season after 1989 was paradoxically for Saudek less favoured because Czech Republic was influenced  by the western commercionalism. With a new millennium situation for Saudek started to be better but from tragical accident in 2006 he is lying in coma at the hospital.


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