What’s Comic Con waiting for coming to Las Vegas?

Enough is enough. Once again, the San Diego Comic Con is sold out; it only took one day, well, more likely minutes. They try to be more organized, and avoid resellers, trough a membership ID system, very confusing even for the annual geeks; not to mention for any newcomer. Yes, their pre-registration system will prevent people to sell their badges, but it was a pain for those curious just trying to get a ticket as you do to any other expo right? Even for those gigantic ones like CES here in Vegas. There are registrations, but does it ever reach a point where the venue and organization comity cannot allow having more people? Of course not, that’s what happens with big conventions, you try to grow every year, not limit yourself.



Yes, it is a huge success right now, as it has been for the last years. But are they good with that? Aren’t they hungry for more fans spending money during the four days? Don’t retailers are willing to bring more merchandise for sell? And what about new brands, new products, new distributors? Are they going to be restricted in number or space eventually? No one wants that for sure.
The con has saw in the past years an expansion especially toward the movie industry, as a consequence for the new gold mine Hollywood found in comic book histories. Are they willing to get that chance pass? This are the times for the expansion, for the big change. Everyone has to move someday. And yes, the hardcore fans will occupy the con against it, but in the end, they will also enjoy the benefits. Besides, don’t  you dare coming to me with romantic feelings when Twilight is one of the highlights of the con.


The "option" during SDCC

It’s not a secret, Las Vegas offers whatever you need for a really big expo. So what could it possibly be stopping them to come here once and for all? Yeah, the city of San Diego for sure, the income for them is brutal, some say the significance for San Diego is so much more than it will be for Las Vegas, probably, but that should not stop them, we all need this to recover the original intention, the reunion and meeting of retailers, fans, and artists for an exchange of ideas, products, business; with the liberty to do so, and without restrictions like it’s happening now.
I think it’s just a matter of time. It has been discussed. I just think that it cannot wait more, would be foolish to prolong the change, the evolution. Las Vegas Comic Con is the next step for the industry, the art, and the fans. Make it happen.


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