Darth Vader and son: Review

We all saw Anakin Skywalker (later on Darth Vader) as a child and young adult, but we never saw Luke’s childhood, and less of all how it was with his dark father. Well, don’t worry any more, because thanks to Jeffrey Brown now we can enjoy the adventures of Skywalker father and son.

Darth Vader and son presents usual father and son situations, with a little twist, lets call it a force twist. Just with a glimpse you will feel it, it’s as tender and cute as hilarious. The force is strong with this book.

Cover of Darth Vader and son

Cover of Darth Vader and son

If you don’t buy this book you just don’t get it. This is already a classic and it’s not even on sale yet. But it will be on May 4th, so pre-order it now or , may the force be with you.

Brown was already a crack, with books like Cat Getting Out of a Bag and Other Observations,or Funny Misshapen Body; check his Wolverine story on-line and you’ll see, and reed his autobiography.


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