Poster Heroes second edition winners

“Unhappy the land that is in need of Heroes”: Berthold Brecht, Life of Galileo (1938)

New Generation by Maria Cesaro

New Generation by Maria Cesaro

These are the winners of the second edition of Posterheroes: “Posterheroes is the creative showcase of the proactive debate about society’s energy consumption present and future. It also impacts on the awareness of the limits of energy and material at our disposal. After the contest’s first edition, which was centered on the energy production, the second edition proposes the issue of overall consumption, underlining the user’s role as an important actor in reaching consumption/saving global equilibriums, and not merely as a spectator of the broader issues. The contest is a way for young people and the creative community to express their opinions on how to best manage the available resources, for a sustainable future.

Posterheroes is a project by Plug, a no-profit cultural association which bore from the sinergy of people with different capabilities and experiences, all connected by the common aim to sentisize public awarness and to solicit the debate on issues with a high social impact. Behind the scene: graphic designers, architects, students and other professionals.


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