Comic Improv

Original projects are hard to find this days; good projects, excellent projects, yes, but original? Fortunately, there’s still hope. Comic Improv is one of this.

HOW DOES IT WORK? – “This is an art relay project. A different artist provides the words and art for each panel, crafting a comic that is hopefully as much fun to read as it is to make.”

Results are outstanding. But must of all, the creative exercise this authors are putting themselves against, it makes me jealous. There is an exercise where one person starts writing a line, and then flip the sheet and passes to the next one, who will do the same so nobody knows what it writen before of after till the sheet is full, then you unfold it and read the whole text. It will be interesting I’ll assure you. This is similar I think, challenging, funny, productive, creative.

And besides, you’ll find really great artists here. Follow the blog and let us wait till it becomes a book!


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