Dear Photograph Project

Printed photographs are dead habit, most pictures today are on a screen and they stay there.

And for that reason Dear Photograph project is even more valuable and beautiful. Not only bring together memories from the past for different generations, but unite the two types of photos, analog and digital on one.

Dear photograph is very simple blog created by Taylor Jones under the concept picture in picture. He post some images and people around the world has sent him a bunch of them with a caption. Everyone can submit a photo.

Check their archive

During the past World Series Chevrolet aired a new commercial with this exactly concept. Beautiful commercial, as the project we already said it is. But the bad news are the agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners didn’t give any credit to the blog or Jones.

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Jones told Mashable “that neither Chevy nor the agency that created the ad (Goodby, Silverstein & Partners) has reached out to him”. No surprises right? It’s not like big companies or creativity agencies are known by givers. Shame on them (although we all know they have no shame).

Dear Photograph on the press

Really, go visit Dear Photograph and submit pictures if you still have some printed. Or take a few next time at your grandmother house.

The shameless commercial:


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