RecommendApption: Jelli – Social Radio

This RecommendApption goes for Jelli, awesome Social Radio to tune in, listen, program, vote, share, comment, etc.

Vote for the songs you want, bomb the one you don’t. That easy. Jelli is a 100% user controlled radio. With their free App (or trough your computer on it’s web page) you vote, select, recommend, ask for a new song to be add, chat with other users, choose of course your favorite music gender; and listen live, on your iPhone, computer or on FM. It’s the next step for the Radio, and is one in which we all can be part of.

Rocks or sucks?

Description on iTunes

Jelli is 100% user-controlled radio, streaming 24/7 and broadcasting on FM radio across the U.S. Jelli is now available for you to stream music and control the radio for free from your iPhone or iPad.On Jelli, the listening community decides every song that plays on every station in real-time, and new stations and music are added to Jelli all the time. Just create your Jelli DJ name and tune in to a station to start controlling the airwaves. If you’re already a Jelli user, you’re all set – Jelli on the iPhone is fully integrated with Jelli on the web.Be the DJ. Join in with other listeners to vote for the songs you want to hear, rocket up your favorites, and bomb the songs you hate to keep them from playing. It’s fun and free!

Vote, chat, share, search, favorites, history

Last version features (11/15/11) on iTunes:
• Live chat: Interact with other Jelli users in a station’s chat room
• New 24/7 FM stations: Two new stations in Las Vegas, NV that broadcast live on Jelli and on FM 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Control 100% of the music that plays on Jelli 96.7 Pop/Dance Remix and Jelli 94.5 Alternative Rock.
• New landscape version of tuner: Browse Jelli stations by genre and by what’s currently broadcasting on FM. Or favorite one or more stations for a personalized view of the tuner.
• Facebook sharing: Share what you’re listening to with your Facebook friends.
• Improved navigation: Easier access to voting, sharing, search, favorites and playlist history.
• Various fixes to improve performance

The chat

Q&A with Jelli’s CEO Michael Dougherty for Desautomatas:
Is this a social Network, Internet radio station, a mix of everything or how you define it?
Jelli is social radio.  We combine the community of local radio, with the engagement and realtime connections created by a social network.  We then allow this community to take over actual FM radio broadcasts, and stream the experience if they cannot listen on FM. It’s a new concept, and we do not view the world in the traditional silos.
Is there a high risk on airing a totally controlled user radio station on FM? Are you expecting decent ratings on FM or how your metrics work?
In 2010 we tested the concept with several “pilots” in other markets, so we had an expectation with the Las Vegas launch that we’d find some success with ratings.  We’ve found that this concept can increase ratings, and digital engagement.
Are you planed to go International?
We hope to take this experience internationally, after further expansion in the United States.
Any other next steps you can share?
We are investing heavily in our mobile experience, as it currently represents 70% of our overall usage. We believe that the combination of mobile and social experiences will transform how we think about radio.
What are the reaction of music labels and industry?
So far the feedback has been very positive.  We can become a great promotional channel for artists, and the cost benefits of running a station that is ‘socially automated’ are significant for radio broadcasters.

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