Jonah: Son of a… Villain

“Jonah is the story of Jonah Henderson, the 11-year-old son of a D-list super-villain who comes to realize his life isn’t as normal as he always thought”. With those words they present us Jonah. A real son of a… another example of digital comic’s valuable effort. Now more than ever your work must be known. And promoted too, read and criticized, because other way, how can it growth? Go and read Jonah, leave them comments, and get to know a little about their authors.

First issue

Martin Matishak is the series writer. A reporter living in Washington, DC, he previously served as an associate editor at Inside Washington Publishers, an independent news source for U.S. Defense Department programs, and worked as a correspondent for The Boston Globe. Martin also wrote weekly sections for The Patriot Ledger, a suburban newspaper in Massachusetts.

Stephen Russo is the series artist. Stephen received a bachelor’s degree in fine arts with a focus on drawing and painting from State University of New York at Purchase, where his work appeared in Poor Choice, the school newsletter.

Keith Perkins is the series letterer. He has worked on several independent comics, including A Wicked Little Town with K. Patrick Glover.


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