Winter City – Every Sin Has a Price

“I looked and there before me was a pale horse. Its rider was named Death, and Hell was following close behind him.”
Revelation 6:8

Artist and writers from Chile and Australia are creating an excellent comic series called Winter City. This unusual team combination has proven awesome results in this on-going serie.


The comic is edited in an excellent way, it goes rapidly and straight to the businesses of makes you wonder. The art’s excellent, not avant-garde, but good. The color really complete the scene, it’s wonderful, precisely, never too much but never to dark or pale, witch is important in this kind of obscure comics.

You can read the firs issue on line in their web site and  learn a little about the story of the “reaper” killer and Sammy. Also here’s the synopsis:

During the coldest winter on record, in one of the country’s most corrupt cities, seven men will die. Every sin has a price and Sam Winters is coming to collect. No longer the man he was, no longer a husband, no longer a father. Sam has fallen over the edge of sanity and into a dark, twisted reality where he truly believes he is Death incarnate on a mission to claim the blood debt from the evil that is destroying the world. As Sam Winters claims his vengeful retribution from the vile criminals who destroyed everything that mattered, Sam’s sociopathic tendencies are revealed through a retrospective look into an abusive childhood, a violent adolescence, and a nurturing love affair that ends in a climactic tragedy. The city has a new law and those who choose a life of sin will be brutally punished. Every sin has a price.


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