A (mini) homage to Jim Henson

This weekend I treated myself with a comic called Stitching Together in Booksmith (love the place because right on as you step in you find comic books on your right, and an excellent selection). It catch my eye from the cover, were Kermit the Frog half body was performing with some help.

The so called mini comic is a compilation of Ed Choy Moorman work around Henson and the Muppets, he’s fan. So we can read Scenes from the Life and Death of Jim Henson, The life of Dr. Bunsen Honeydew, an excerpt from Sing into my mouth and a little bit more. I’ll never call it mini, I understand though , but certainly we can find and learn more in its 15 pages than in several other books and I  heartily recommend it.

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This is also a manual of vignette editing, and synthesis, with a very simple management of lights and shadows in his art. A good memory for those old enough to miss the Muppets show, and the art of Jim Henson. Check also more material about Ed Choy Moorman, go to his site and take a minute to laugh, I recommend Mommy’s Secret Helper, The Last Drop, and Cavalcade of Evil; and of course don’t miss the chance to download the Ghost Comics anthology.

Ed Choy Moorman's blog


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