The Next Day of a suicide

Suicide’s always been hard to discuss, it depends so much on the perspective, which depends on personal experience, friends, and family. And of course the rest of the people, who can have an opinion on the matter, because we all are potentially suicidal, we all can think about it and also generate an opinion. But in this époque, I think what you cannot do is an easy diagnostic, there is so much in game for each of us, and no prescription‘s going to solve it either (it’s not about that no matter what pharmaceuticals tell us).).

The Next Day, a graphic novel edited by Pop Sandbox the magnificent company responsible for Kenk: A Graphic Portrait, tells the story of three women and one man who attempted suicide, and for different reasons they failed. Written by Paul Peterson and Jason Gilmore after interviewing the four (in their own words) traumatized characters, and drew by John Porcellino.

The book has an interesting light way to tell the story, page by page trough solid and direct “answers” and comments from the protagonists. Illustrating the ideas and “reasons” why they did it, why they get to it or what were the events and situations who brought them to the same resolution, and a little about that next day and the days before that.

Graphically the book’s delightful, soft and precise; somehow tender.  Imagine for a second that Harvey Pekar indeed knew how to draw, with the same expression and intensity, volume, body. The story is a resume of each lives, honest but edited, so in a way we confront just their perspective and no other, especially no clinical or therapeutic analysis, but I did sent a curiosity to know more. No complains though, the book will put you thinking for sure, and fortunately they went far, with the Interactive Online Experience that strongly recommend you to visit either you get or not the book.


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