What happens in Vegas’ pools

If you look images from any Vegas Hotel Pool, in their official pages or in Google, let’s say Wet Republic at MGM Grand, Rehab at the Hard Rock Hotel, Tao Beach at the Venetian, Ditch Fridays at the Palms, or Liquid at Aria, you will find tons of pictures about the most good looking and sexy people you’d ever see.

Perfect natural, worked, and artificial bodies, doesn’t matter, but perfect. And it really doesn’t mind, it’s quite a view. Beside, they all are and you will also if you want to, drinking and partying. It is a great party. But all those persons are nonetheless humans, with necessities. Now of course Hotels have services for all needs, but does all that people has the scruples to go and use it as long as the alcohol gets in their systems? And if not, where does it all that “necessities” ends?

The Daily answear that same question in an article published last sunday. If you don’t have any intention of getting into a Vegas pool, read the article: DIRTY POOL – WWW.THEDAILY.COM

Do the math


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