We are called Soundgarden

Billboard Magazine named The Joint NO 1 HOTTEST CLUB IN AMERICA in their last Top 25, what gives you enormous confidence about any concert happening there. And if you’re attempting Soundgarden what are the chances not to have fun enjoying really good rock music.

In first place the basic set, four guys, drum, bass guitar and a singer capable of do the rhythm guitar, or even lead guitar. Very few effects, and joy. That’s it, the rest is rock and roll and and your contribution.

En su Facebook está el setlist de esta gira

Second, Chris Cornell, what a rock singer. Powerful, humble, even old schooler (with his delay pedal). He has lived, so he knows what audience has come to see, that 15 years ago Soundgarden. Those younger guys. That set list, no new songs. And there you see a conscious man, happy, pleased, experienced and still a rock singer. He knows because he’s here for the same reason, song after song he remember, he communicates with his band and the audience. The result is pretty obvious.

Official web page

Then: Matt Cameron. Where is he from? Where did he grow up? What was the phenomenon that delivered this drummer to the world? The guy knows, period. The hole band turns around him, and not in the traditional rhythm way, he uses the drums as it should be, as a complete instrument and not just the timing one. We all know how drum and bass are the classic founding of every band. Not here ladies and gentlemen, the sound from those drums are something you will not listen from the so called best drummers of rock right now. And no, I don’t think I’m exaggerating, some people just know how, where and when to play a drum, this one’s one of those few. Blessed those who listened.

And of course it will be impossible to appreciate it without the right music companions. There they are: Ben Shepred and Kim Thayil. Pure rock.

Soundgarden Twitter

Here you have a band with very good rock songs, and no special effects, no long solos, no vanguard sounds, but authentic sounds! A true band glued together from the inside out.

The bad news, the Joint doesn’t have the same level of excellence programing bands, or is it too expensive? Don’t know but don’t you expect many bands like this every month. There are some who deserve the hottest venue in America, but not all, check it.

The good news, Soundgarden will return soon with new music. After this “The best of” tour ends, they will return with new songs, and there will be fans waiting.

Soundgarden Myspace


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