Holy Terror, Batman!

Finally the long announced graphic novel from Frank Miller, Holy Terror is ready to be read. Actually you already can download the first five pages from Legendary.com, and take a sneak before the launching this weekend at Comic Con.

The novel has being in the shadow for the last five years, first it was announced to be a Batman story after ten years from September 11 attack. Batman was supposed to fight terrorist from Al Qaeda.

Fortunately something happened in the way, and the novel it’s no longer a Batman or even a DC project, but a Legendary. As a Batman fan I had no interest in watch him fighting real terrorist organization. And I think it will become a better story without the dark night. And as I can say that without regretting (god bless never-existed-facts speculation).

Yes, it will remind us Sin City and the Dark Night, but c’mon, is Frank Miller. We give the art for granted, let’s hope for the drama backs up the hole novel. Here’s the preview/trailer:


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