Index of Political Cartoons

An example of what no media says

Cartoons are most times, the purest and honest journalism we can find in a paper, web or whatever. No other gender can express true in a crudest and simple way as cartoons, and I’m getting to think there never will.

For some, cartoonist become even a reason to buy a paper or a magazine, it’s like a column, an essay; something unique that gives us value judgment on determined subject. Subjective journalism. And in a cartoon besides, we find humor of course.

Although there is certain recognition among writers, journalists and intellectual voices about the category of this gender, the influence and power it can reaches; there’s still no such in the public opinion.

Daryl Cagle's Mexican Flag. Excellent cartoon

This site’s one that it can helps on that, because it allows you watch cartoons from all over the world and newspapers. Daryl Cagle is the responsible, or the one to thank for.

Check the app too.

Mexico Sangriento de Angel Boligan


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