Because The Project Matters

The Project Matters (TPM) it’s a non-profit corporation with the unique goal of support and encourage young musicians to reach creative potential.

It was established in the memory of Benjamin High a young musician from New Jersey and founder of the band Green Arrows. He was interest in music since he was a child. At five he formed a band named it The First Graders. He played keyboards, drums, acoustic, bass and electric guitars.

The Project Matters, which shares the name of the Green Arrows debut CD has been established in Ben’s honor and memory. It is hoped that through the foundations discovery of emerging artists, Ben’s love of music, as well as his creative genius, will become his living energy.

Karen High,Executive Director of TPM and mom of Benjamin, passionate believes in this and with the help of her team and friends, has develope Million Dollar Mission, thinking that among the 200 million iPod owners, one of them will buy a single fo 99 cents. She calls herself naive to think this, but every time more of us think of her as brave instead.
“Being able to produce my beautiful son’s record and have it be used as a revenue stream for The Project Matters is enormous. All I wanted to do was hold it in my hand…finish what he’d started. Again, since there are 200 million iPod owners (not certain, could be more). I felt I would swing for the fences and try to get just 1 million of them to download 1 song from Green Arrows’ “Matters”. I am naive enough to think it is possible. It’s a work in progress, but once the word spreads I think it will get legs.” she said to us. And we support, because there are times when someone’s dreams are stronger than flesh and blood, strongest than death.

Other band on their wing is Escape Directors, their new EP “The Crowded Room” will be released July 16th. A good sound and a as they say, a committed band. Check them out and if you share, become part of TPM.


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