Gadsen Records

A record company which is a division of a fashion company it’s something worth to try. This is the case of Gadsen Records, a division of Royal Epic. Clothing, design, events, and its record label, not bad for times like this, where creativity is never enough as well as diversity.

You can check the Royal Epic site and shop on line, and the Gadsen Records too, but what you better do is Like the THE DARLINGS Facebook page, where you can listen to some singles. This is not my type of band, I did like Lets Roll, which for instance I thought it would be a Neil Young cover, very dangerous, an already polemic and eclectic song from Young; song but it’s an original from the band. The rest you will decide if you like or not. I found the case traditionally singular, but becoming more common for our times, and that’s why I post this.

“Betrayed by many, accompanied by few. American recording company founded June 2010 – We focus on management, publicity and distributing music”, that’s how they described themselves. Go and choose.


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