Batman: Year One… again

Book 1

I first read Batman Year One when I was 12, a kid with no notion of adolescence whatsoever. In that moment I didn’t need to know. I was already fan of other comics like Superman, Archi, Garfield, Mafalda, and some local titles like La Familia Burrón, Memín Pinguín, etc. I used to wait for my mom more than other kids after classes, and comic books were only a part of many things a kid can do in an hour or so I usually had.

There was this other kid, older than me I’m guessing three year, who was responsible for this first approach. You see, before this encounter, I was not aware of multiverses, crisis, Kal-El or Kal-L. I though Batman’s real name was Bruno Díaz, the Hispanic name they thought would suit for Bruce Wayne in the third world. Then this guy came up, a total geek, he used to read the comics out loud and play the characters with different voices. I’m not complaining, I was twelve and it was not a bad way to kill some time after school, and those were his comics most of the time. But he had this problem; his mom didn’t allow him to read comics, so he found in me the best way to kept them safe. His mom always came first, and the comics stayed with me till the next day, this is how I appreciated the sequence and started to look each issue, and Batman: First Year came up within the normal series, not as a separate story.

Book 2

Who knows now what was of that poor bastard, but I stayed with the first book of Year one: even the cover was different, flat, old, and the art inside, remarkable, so powerful with so little profundity, and strong points and lines. Pale colors in the eighties weren’t normal. I loved it. And then I read the drama, and it made Batman my favorite comic ever.

The consequences, the advents, the reasons, the construction, and the role each personage played. I was absorbed by all this and the reflexive form in which each is presented. Beautiful.

Book 3

It was all Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli. Two great names in modern comic industry. The first one’s a crack, more than a super comic star these days, but still a crack. After year one I found out about The Dark Knight Returns of course, a revolution for Batman and the superheroes comic concept. Mazzucchelli is a phenomenon, no label for this one, he quit super heroes after year One, looking for more personal projects. Last year he published the well deserved acclaimed graphic novel Asterios Polyp, stunning novel, you will breathe better after you have read it.

Book 4

Now the animated movie is about to debut. Yes, we all expect it anxious, some are excited, some are sharpening their knives. Sincerely I don’t think remotely it will match the book, I’m no longer twelve, and we all are being witnesses of this époque comics are living hand in hand with cinema and television, so I’m not going to be disappointed, as I was not when they used a lot of it for Batman Begins. The book’s there, read it, don’t scream if the movie doesn’t delivers. For me it’s a nice memoir, and even a homage. After that book I read 10 Nights of the Beast, Batman: Year two, A death in the family, The Killing Joke, etc., and end up developing my taste when it comes to superheroes comics, so I will enjoy again Batman: Year One in its animated version.

Epilogue: Not even this Fan Films disgusted me, so…


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