Bill Maher – Morally incorrect

Bill Maher

Attempting Bill Maher’s show on the 4th of July could be saw as an irreverence for some people, those who doesn’t tolerate his direct and strong humor against institutions as the church, American parties, media, or the government; but for others it’s the exact opposite, an honest and critic celebration to the deepest core of America. I simply enjoy it because I’m not American, and as Mexican we know how to laugh of ourselves, and others.

During his shows it’s not unusual seeing people walking before it is over, with  an indignant or angry face, because even if you know him by reputation, his comedy knows no limit, and I think it’s for a simple reason: his subjects tends to know no limit at all! Politics, religion, media, public figures, international politics, etc.

Any frequent newspaper reader will agree with me on this. Americans has this liberty to declare, talk, expose, and express themselves as much as it’s media has for asking, investigate, report and disseminate; and critics like him, the liberty to make laugh about it.

So there is not much to say about his show, the guy’s intelligent, acid, brave, and very American; when you combine this in a person who receives money to use it for make others laugh, result is immediate and effective. Just don’t expect him to respect any moral dilemma or “tabu” (actually will be better don’t even mention it).

If you don’t know his show on HBO you can do it easily on their site, and if you do it’s always a pleasure passing by, and he’ll be returning here to Vegas, where I saw him.


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