The Pearl at The Palms

What I like the most, of Pearl theater is definitely the acoustic, such a well constructed place for a concert, and you also get a magnificent view of the artist from anywhere in there, so I can say it’s becoming one of my favorite concert venues in Las Vegas.

In the last months, I’ve being there watching a few concerts, very different between them: Pete Yorn with Ben Kweller, Elvis Costello, and System of a down with Gogol Bordello. Different styles, different music, and different audience of course. And that precisely factor is what has touched me.

The first concert on April 8th opened with Kweller, just him and his guitar. So familiar was his performance, so friendly, part of it because of him and how he reacts with the public, always a grateful and giver guy. But in there we all achieve this warm atmosphere, subtle, folk, rock and pop. Almost quiet (but of course not!).

Then Pete Yorn came with his band, making it more rocker, more “professional”, and not because Kweller wasn’t, but because Yorn is more attached to the lead-handsome-voice kind of type, so he stands in a more traditional way than Ben. His performance and sound was also more pure, more detailed, and very good.

I preferred the Kweller’s sound though, maybe that for moments filthy sound Kweller delivers sacrificing quality for energy, gets me more, that’s just me, but what was a reality was the freedom we had from one to the other, I even changed my seat during the change, to appreciate that difference.

During Costello concert on a not that terrific Friday 13th, everything was more ordered, each to its seat, stand up just in a few songs, even with the pretty hard rock he put on that night.

Boleto E. Costello

His presentation let no doubt about his quality, his voice’s still something else, so natural, the guy doesn’t even try. And his management with the audience worthy of an experienced performer, who knows when to talk, when to play or interact with the public. Specially in this tour were he offers the public to choose part of the playlist, and the majority of persons were true fans, knower of his work, and contemporaries of the artist.

The third was pure rock, unbridled energy. Beginning with Gogol Bordello and their gypsy music, so powerful, so avid from audience and participation from the public song after song. A band that enjoys each performance tills its bones, and they share it. They were the perfect warm up and almost too much for an opening band, but they were, and System of a down came then.

A reunion tour delivers many big songs, hits. It was like that and more, with a perfect balance between new and classic versions. The guys still got it, talent last forever especially when it get together like it did in this band. Here the public just couldn’t get enough; the main floor was for general stand up attendance, and the slam dance soon begun. Meanwhile in the upper levels everybody was dancing, jumping and screaming; the place rocked and no one got out in disappointment.

On July I will attempt Bob Dylan’s presentation, another legend and I will expect intimacy among all assistants. And this past Saturday another kind of event for other kind on fans took place, The Ultimate Fighter Final event that was celebrated there was also great, even the fighters say so, because the ambiance it’s so warm and intense, you can hear every scream that it’s launched to the public or the fighters, really different from that bigger arena events. So yes, the place works for anybody and any type of show, leaving you satisfied, and I strongly recommend it.


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