Icarus, Know it, Support it

Icarus the comic project from Ryan Cody, promises have what it takes to be a great graphic novel. You can free download the 32-Page PDF primer issue and then decide if you want to back the comic through Kickstarter.

Villains will soon be a Universal motion picture

If you are familiar with Viper Comics graphic novel Villains, you know his art (if not that’s your bad, but you can easily amend your mistake… go, go go!).

The plot: ICARUS follows U.S.M.C. Major Robert Riley on his exploits to track and assassinate all super-powered beings on Earth.  Things aren’t all that they seem in Riley’s world: Girls that can see the future, alien invasions and government conspiracies all play a part in this twisting and turning adventure. When Big Brother decides to put its foot down, Riley is there to chop it off.

The cover

This is Ryan Cody presentation: “I’m doing a Kickstarter subscription service for ICARUS. $4 for 4 issues. If you’re interested, check it out and help me spread the word, at only $4, I need lots of subscribers. I know how many people feel about the Kickstarter method of funding, but I think mine is different in that for the minimum pledge of $4, you get a monthly, digital comic series. I need subscriptions, not donations. Please help spread the word, if this is to work I need a ton of people to see it and hear about it.”

So I’m spreading the word because his work deservs it. Check also his blog, and I strongly recommend you get the preview, it’s so good that I hope you too will become a backer.

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